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The DCI Fenton Murder Trilogy is a comedy whodunit series. You can learn more about each of the books below.

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Murder for Political Correctness

Not for the politically correct!

A disabled old woman, a Muslim with a white wife, and a gay black man are all murdered at an ‘Embracing Diversity’ conference. They are all employees of a training company who want to make the world a better place through whiteboards and jazz hands.

Against an uncertain background of a government on the brink of minority administration, a power-crazed opposition leader who loves tantric massage, a journalist who will do anything for fame and the Far Right Extremist Enigma (FREE), DCI Fenton and his team must track down the killer, and avert moral panic.

Will Her Majesty utter the words “death penalty” in her speech?

Murder for Health and Fitness

This gym will be the death of you!

Recently retired from prostitution, Giselle Gorge, 19, is found murdered in a Soho back alley – unfortunately, that is not a stage name!

As the body count rises and the killer suddenly switches to male victims all the clues lead to a gentlemen’s club, run by the notorious Karen Kowalski. DCI Fenton and his team are back to track down the killer and uncover that another place connects all the victims – a trendy ‘experience’ gym in the heart of London’s West End, which is run by Ryan, a bisexual bulimic with good shoulders.

Are the victims being killed for their history of sin, their hatred of carbohydrates, or as an old adversary puts it, does the killer have a more bizarre plan in mind?

Murder for Social Media

Finding love online has never been so dangerous!

The final book in the DCI Fenton trilogy brings three people together.

A vigilante killer takes the law into their own hands, using social media to share their bloody crimes with the world.

Patricia von Fabulous is looking for love on the DoMe dating website. She begins an online relationship with the enigmatic Mr X, although are his intentions truly honourable?

DCI Fenton agrees to take on the case which has baffled detectives for two years. As his team investigate and the body count rises, links between his old cases emerge. It becomes clear that this killer has been busy for a long time and has a plan for a dramatic finale – will they succeed?