Make a PACT to write your novel

Write your novel

They say everyone has a novel in them.

Have you always wanted to write one, only you’ve never got around to it? Perhaps you even made a commitment to do it this year? Now we’re a quarter of the way through and you still haven’t put pen to paper? You think it’s too late to start now? Writing a novel isn’t a diet. It doesn’t have to start at the beginning of the year, month or week!

This week I’m going to share my experience of the process I go through when writing a novel. It’s different for everyone and you need to find what works for you. This is just to get you thinking,

It’s true that you learn the most by doing, and that’s not just in the workplace – it applies to everything in life. Books will only get you so far. Having self-published my first novel in 2013, I learnt a lot about what it takes to get the final product over the finish line which put me in a good place for my second novel which is due out later this month. I managed to complete this one in two-thirds of the time it took to do the first.

I realised whilst writing my novels that there are four phases you go through as part of the creative process. Some phases take longer than others and not just because of what is involved; the main motivational driver is down to your own personal style with regard to how you work, or write in this case. You will have one phase which is less enjoyable than the others and seems to take forever to get through – you just have to push through it. We all have those tasks we dislike as part of our day jobs. They are incredibly irksome, yet we have to do them, so we find a way to get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The same principle can work here, if you’re determined enough.

So what are the four phases you must go through to complete your novel?

  • Procrastination
  • Acceleration
  • Consolidation
  • Trepidation

Yes – that creates PACT, a cliche perhaps, but it works for me!

Tomorrow we look at The Procrastination Phase. This can be a challenging phase for a lot of people and it’s a place where most can get stuck – forever. In fact, it’s where every budding writer is. Hopefully by the end of this week you won’t be one of those people…

About Nick Lennon-Barrett

Originally from North-West, England, moving to London as an adult and carving out a career as an HR and L&D professional. The writing bug was always there as a child, yet it wasn't until my 30s that I finally did something about it. The joy of working in HR is that you're never short of character inspiration! I'm an enthusiast of both crime and comedy fiction so when I decided to write my first novel my aim was to combine these two genres tackling topical issues in a dark comedy murder mystery. This was the start of the DCI Fenton Murder Trilogy.
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  1. Interesting stuff…I wish I could fast forward to the bits about researching, constructing believable characters, plot and marketing though…

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