Taking Risk

Taking risk

“What are you doing?”

“Trust me Adam. You do trust me don’t you?”

Adam looked at Lisa. Those green eyes that sparkled as the light caught them. He could never say no to her. Every moment without her ached.

“Of course I trust you. Let’s do it.”

“Fantastic – you know what you’re doing. I’m with you, you know that don’t you?”

It was these moments, brief and inconsequential to an observer, yet they reassured him she cared.

“How hard can it be?” he replied forcing the confidence through, pushing out his chest.

“Don’t hold your breath – it doesn’t become you.”

She smiled, although a fraction of a second after she’d delivered the line. For that fraction his stomach knotted. That way it only can for someone who has your heart. They have it in such a way that they almost control it.

He knew she liked to tease him, although now was not the time – there was a lot at stake. They were taking a huge risk. That was part of the fun. Lisa was fun. Adam felt alive from the day he’d met her. They’d experienced so much together. The emotions – laughter, joy, frustration, sorrow and jealousy. It was the jealousy that got to him.

She attracted attention. The men were transfixed by her – and some women! Why was she with him? To have eyes only for him made no sense. This was good, no it was great, no it was fantastic – fantastic things don’t happen to Adam. Bricks didn’t fall on him, it was more like a double fronted semi-detached houses!

He was back in the moment. She looked at him. That smile was radiant. He breathed and knew now was the time. It would be in this moment that their night could completely change. He was excited and nervous. She looked back and nodded.

“You playing or not sir?”

“Yep – stick it all on seven.” The day they met.

The wheel span. The ball bounced around. That clattering noise seemed louder than usual. He held his breath and hoped. It was too much. He gently closed his eyes.

“Fourteen black.”


He opened his eyes, not daring to look at Lisa. Her disappointment would be his heartbreak.

She was smiling.


“It’s no big deal,” she said laughing that great belly laugh which instantly made his face light up.

“I wanted to spoil you tonight.”

“I know. Don’t worry. It was only ten dollars – we can do the buffet again tonight!”

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Originally from North-West, England, moving to London as an adult and carving out a career as an HR and L&D professional. The writing bug was always there as a child, yet it wasn't until my 30s that I finally did something about it. The joy of working in HR is that you're never short of character inspiration! I'm an enthusiast of both crime and comedy fiction so when I decided to write my first novel my aim was to combine these two genres tackling topical issues in a dark comedy murder mystery. This was the start of the DCI Fenton Murder Trilogy.
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