About me

Nick - Child

I am originally from Lancashire, England and started writing at a young age. Yes, this young, when butter wouldn’t melt!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” the teacher would ask.

“A writer!”

This was about the tenth thing I landed on, like most of us, although this was the one that stuck. The writing bug has always been there, although it took a while for me to do anything about it. As always life got in the way.

Holiday snap

My biggest passions after writing (and my husband and cats!) are food and travel – anyone who has seen my Instagram will know this. However, I have no desire to write about either. I’ve always had an over-active imagination and a sense of adventure. However, I have a lower boredom threshold than most children!

Nick - Adventure

They say write about what you know, which is not advice to ignore. Although, does anyone know who actually said this? I write about things that happen in life – laughter, love, drama, death and everything in the middle.

They say laughter is the best medicine – I don’t know who said that either! Well, whoever it is I agree. So my writing has to have humour in it. Everything from dark comedy to highly embellished satire. To me, it’s laughter that keeps me sane.

Author pic

By day I’m a Learning and Development professional in the City of London. I love my job as I get to be creative and interact with people every day – always great for new character inspiration!

By night I am husband to Tom and cat dad to Oliver and Phoebe at our home in Essex.


In any spare time I have left, I write. You can find more information about my books here.